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Elise Unger Reflexology


Home-based practice, Fishponds:           £38 per session including consultation on first visit for Reflexology

                                                                          £43 per session including consultation on first visit for Aromareflex

Queen Charlotte Street Osteopaths       £43 per session including consultation on first visit for Reflexology

Wells Road Osteopaths & Sneyd            £48 per session including consultation on first visit for Aromareflex 

Park Osteopaths:                                         £35 including consultation on first visit for Facial Acupressure Therapy

                                                                         Treatment Combinations**

                                                                         £60 for Reflexology and Facial Acupressure Therapy          

                                                                         £70 for Aromareflex and Facial Acupressure Therapy

*Shorter treatments are available at a lower cost for certain client groups, for example, those under the age of 12 years, or a taster session lasting 20 minutes can be arranged - please contact me to discuss.

** It is possible to use Facial acupressure points in combination with regular reflexology or with Aromareflex without the need for the full facial and cleansing treatment, the price may differ from a normal treatment but without incurring the full cost of a treatment combination. Contact me to discuss.

Additional Information

Allow approximately 1 hour 15 minutes for the first Reflexology session and consultation and 45-55 minutes for subsequent visits.

Aromareflex sessions are longer, allow 1 hour 30 minutes for the first session and 60-70 minutes for subsequent treatments.

Facial Acupressure Therapy allow 50 minutes for first session and consultation and 35-40 minutes for repeat sessions.

Gift Vouchers

* Gift vouchers for one or more treatments are available to purchase as a present for loved ones or friends, please get in touch by phone or email to arrange delivery.

Did you know that if you make regular payments into a healthcare plan such as that provided by BUPA, Sovereign, Medicash or Paycare you can reclaim (up to a specified limit) the cost of reflexology treatments?