Elise Unger Reflexology

TCM Pregnancy Reflexology

Since gaining my diploma in holistic reflexology in 2014, I discovered that I really enjoyed working with women going through the pregnancy journey. This inspired me to further develop my reflexology skills and in July 2015 I trained with the AoR approved Bath School of Complementary Therapies for my post-graduate diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Pregnancy Reflexology. This enables me to use both reflexology techniques and acupressure points in the feet, lower legs and hands, to help women during all trimesters of their pregnancy, from conception through to birth and beyond. Reflexology can benefit the pregnant client by providing an emotional space where the client has time and space to focus on herself and the growing baby, and by helping with sleep, digestion, and levels of stress. In the past anecdotal report has formed much of the evidence for the benefits of reflexology during pregnancy but recent studies have shown that first time mums can have a much shorter labour and experience significantly less pain during labour.(1) It has also been shown that reflexology can help improve the quality of sleep for post-natal women. (2) 

I try to involve the client as much as possible to make the most of their reflexology treatment. Simply enjoying the reflexology experience is always an option, but I also like to empower people to help themselves, so aftercare tips and advice form a vital part of the treatment for the pregnant client and their partner if they wish to be involved in the process. 

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