Elise Unger Reflexology

Facial Acupressure Therapy

Facial Acupressure therapy treats the unique structure of the face to support emotional and stress relief. The use of certain pressure points on the shoulders, scalp and fa‚Äčce incorporates working with the Traditional Chinese Medicine system to benefit the whole body.

Treatments involve preparing the skin and having an extremely relaxing treatment, this will involve facial cleansing and the use of hot towels and facial oils. During the treatment massage techniques will be applied to help relax the tissues of the neck, face and scalp and facial oils will be used (discussed during consultation) to achieve good conditioning of the skin and relaxation of the facial muscles. Subsequently the acupressure points will be worked to help achieve a state of deep relaxation and calm. The end result will be that you look and feel revitalised. This is a very safe treatment and good for those with chronic conditions.*

* I will always check during consultation beforehand to ensure that the client has no medical or physical problems relating to the head or scalp which means they may not be suited to this kind of treatment.